Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years Resolutions and Fresh starts....

For the last several weeks I have been contemplating a New Years resolution I don't normally have any but for some reason I felt the need to have one this year so because I am always journaling I wrote my New Years resolution as a letter to God...I wrote that this year is going to be about "Simplifying" for the last year I have been tugged on in so many directions my head was just spinning most of the time, just trying to find a balance between my work, home, family and just having that much needed alone time, needless to say it was like juggling with egg whites most the time...IMPOSSIBLE!
So that is what got me to thinking about what I really want and need for myself in order to be what I need to be for those other hats I wear so often.(Wife, Mother, Nonie, Sister Daughter Friend etc....)
I have started slowly eliminating things that are of very little importance to me for the last couple months and now I feel like I am ready to begin new.
I wasn't sure if a New Years resolution was even important or necessary but yesterday as I listened to my Pastor's wonderful message I realized God gave me confirmation thorough that very message I got a few verses that were very powerful to me and as I begin this I will be using those to help keep me mindful that the Lord does care about resolutions because after all He is the God of restoration. He has restored in me new strength and fresh guidance each day.
I Pray each of you have a wonderful Blessed New Year!!!