Tuesday, August 16, 2011


just a quick note for now to let you know I was at Trader Joe's yesterday and they are now carrying a lot more Vegan stuff I found in the back refrigerated section back by the person that does the demonstrations a corner that is now holding Vegan stuff...and the prices are way better then Lassen's...I'm going to talk to the Manager this week about carrying some specific things and see what he says...I'll let you know just keep checking here I'll have more to share later...

Thursday, August 11, 2011


1 can diced Tomatoes
1 8oz can Tomato sauce
1 sm onion, diced
1 sm Bell Pepper, diced
1 stalk Celery, diced
1-2 cloves Garlic, minced
Italian seasoning
1 pkg smart ground meat crumbles
2 Tofurkey Sausages, (tomato basil) chopped an small pieces
pasta, your preference

Saute onion, bell pepper, celery and Garlic in a little vegetable broth till soft add smart ground crumbles and cut up sausage, Tomato sauce , diced tomato,Italian seasoning cook until flavors are well blended about 10 minutes.
mean while cook pasta as package suggests , drain and add it to the Sauce heat and eat....

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A funny little thought...

the nice thing about being a Vegan is I don't have to worry about defrosting anything from the freezer for dinner...if I forget it doesn't matter because everything we eat is in the crisper anyway...this was something that gave me a little chuckle this morning...I lost 2 more lbs this week I feel fantastic my tummy is happy and my energy is that of a 20 something year old...I love this journey this is now week 5 the challenge was originally for 6 weeks I thought there is no way we can make it to 6 weeks eating "rabbit" food but you know what?..we did and we LOVE IT...there is no turning back for us now...My mission is to keep creating and finding things to keep our eating interesting...so far so good...I will keep posting as many recipes a day as I can so you can also enjoy food without becoming bored...have a Wonderful Day!!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Black Bean Chili...

this is on the menu tonight I have been thinking about this all day kind of creating it in my head so when I got home from work I started putting it together and we really like it...

1 can Black Bean ,drained and rinsed
1 can Pinto beans, drained
1 sm onion, diced
1 sm green bell pepper, diced
1 C corn, frozen or fresh
I pkg Smart Ground Crumbles, optional
1 can diced tomato
sprinkle of Chili Powder
1/4 tsp Cumin
Cayenne Pepper, optional
Salt and Pepper to taste

Saute' onion and bell pepper until soft in a few tsp of Vegetable broth.
add black beans ,pinto beans,Tomatoes corn and spices add a pinch of Cayenne Pepper if you like a little bite in your chili simmer a few minutes and Enjoy!!

NOTE: Smart Ground or Meatless ground is a soy product replacing ground beef it comes in crumbles sometimes you can find it already flavored we prefer unflavored giving an option to flavor how we want to...

Friday, August 5, 2011

Stir Fry...

This recipe I chose to use Quinoa instead of brown rice for the extra protein Quinoa offers.

3 cloves garlic, minced
1 Jalapeno, seeded ,vein removed and minced
 About 1 lb of any choice of any Vegetables you want to use this was what we chose..Carrots , zucchini, onion, Mushroom, Broccoli, Califlower, and baby corn,
1 lime
Bragg Amino acid
1 pkg Tempeh cut into match stick size slices

Spray a Wok or lg pan with cooking spray add the garlic and Jalapeno and toss around in the med hot pan
add Vegetables the ones that take longer to cook I added first and ended with the ones that just needed to be heated
I found the veggies cooked so well creating their own juices that I didn't need to add anything to the pan at all.
when Veggies are done to your preference not over cooked squeeze the juice of one lime and squeeze some Bragg on the top and a little Salt and Pepper to taste and a hand full of Cashews. serve over a bed of Quinoa or brown rice.

2 C water
1 C quinoa
Rinse Quinoa before cooking like you would brown rice I used a small colander in a med pan place quinoa and water in a pan and bring to a boil, reduce the heat to a simmer, cover and cook until all liquid is absorbed 10 - 15 minutes.

NOTE: we used this in place of brown rice but if you don't like quinoa then use rice...
Tempeh is a soy product that is high in Protein I added it as a substitute for Chicken I found it to be inexpensive at Trader Joes I would suggest using only half of it in this recipe...

God is looking for experienced help....

My blog is very much about my Vegan Journey but that is not all that I am about I am also a Christian Woman a Wife ,Mother, Daughter, Sister and Nonnie to the most precious Gift God has given to us our sweet GrandGirl...
I read something this morning that really left me thinking how important it is that I be an encourager to someone else because of the circumstances I have been given ,the things that I have suffered have given me an Experience that I can't just keep to myself hidden away.
This morning in my quiet time alone with the Lord I was reading a devotional that really struck home with me the Author pointed out how when we are job hunting and find our selves discouraged because we have no experience in a certain field how that frustration causes us to think well how can I get experience if no one will hire me and teach me?...when we go through trials of suffering or something difficult those are what qualifies us to help someone else even Jesus gained experience through the things he suffered.
I strive to pass forward what I have experienced in suffering for someone else ,I got my "Masters Degree" in heart break, loss, disappointment and shattered dreams I want to encourage someone else who is suffering the same way....I asked daily for God's JOY and when I finally healed to receive it He flooded me with HIS JOY!!!  I hope this reaches who it needs to God Bless You!

Power Rice and Rye...

2 C brown rice
1 C rye Berries
3 C water
3 C vegetable broth
2 sm carrots, chopped
1 stalk celery
1 C kale
1/2 onion, chopped
1 C green beans
1/2 c water
Bragg to taste (liquid Aminos)

In a lg saucepan, mix rice, rye berries, water(3 C), vegetable broth, carrots, celery, kale and onion. bring to a boil.
Lower the heat and simmer 20 to 25 minutes until rice and rye are tender and have absorbed the liquid.
In a sm saucepan bring green beans and water(1/2C) to a boil cook for 2 minutes and drain.
Combine rice and rye with the green beans and season with Bragg.

NOTE: I find Bragg at Lassens it smells like soy sauce and is a dark brown it's full of flavor.
I also find the Rye Berries at Lassen's in the loose bins.

Fiesta Brown Rice....

1/4 C Carrots, diced
1/4 C White onion, diced
1 tsp garlic, minced
1 C Zucchini, diced
1 lg red plum Tomato, diced
1 TBL Olive Oil
1/2 tsp Paprika 
1/4 tsp cumin
1/2 tsp dried Oregano
1 C Brown Rice
2 1/2 C water

In a large saucepan over medium heat Saute' carrots, onion , garlic zucchini and tomato in olive oil.
add paprika, cumin, and oregano.
stir in the brown rice and saute' another few minutes add the water, turn the heat to high and boil the water out, lower the heat to low simmer, cover and let cook an additional 15-20 minutes.

NOTE: I have used smoked paprika in this dish and it gives it a good smokey flavor I also substitute the olive oil for Vegetable broth again that is just our preference.
this makes a big serving and I have not tried freezing it so if anyone tries that let me know how it turns out.

Whole Grains....

I am trying all kinds of new recipes using whole grains that I would like to share with you I have learned that whole grains digest slow that way you fill up faster and feel full longer and they have a great nutritional value where processed grains have been stripped of anything nutrional.
Here is a list of the ones we use and like:

Brown Rice
Rye Berries
Whole Wheat CousCous
Today I am going to post some recipes using these grains later so keep checking back...

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Veggie Soup...

I Love this soup not only is it packed full of Nutrition but it smells Fabulous and makes your whole house smell good...

2 TBL Vegetable Concentrate (I find it at Lassens)
1 sm onion ,chopped
2 C Potatoes, cut into chuncks
2 C Celery, chopped
2 C Carrots, chopped
2 TBL Parsley, chopped
2 C Green Cabbage, chopped
2 C Green Beans, frozen

In a Lg pot over low heat add the Vegetable Concentrate and 2 1/2 Qts of hot water.
add onion, potatoe,celery,carrots, and parsley. Bring to a simmer then add cabbage and green beans. never over cook vegetables. I simmer mine till the carrots and celery are to my preference still a little crunchy but not raw.
I buy a crusty French Baggette made with no egg and I treat myself to a nice piece for dipping...Yum!

NOTE: this keeps for several days in the fridge for those days off from cooking just pop a bowl in the micro wave...

Salad Burn Out....

I have to admit I get tired of Salads and Greens and there are days I just don't eat those things at all . I am learning to listen to my body and when it wants something different I tend to give in and there have been some nights that we just are not hungry so we will snack on carrot sticks and hummus or a few chips and Guaco Mo and Salsa I feed my body nutritionaly well so I think at times I am just not hungry so I just don't eat.
we no longer have any cravings such as sugar or bread salty and sweet it all seems to have disappeared I tend to think with the cravings gone my body is getting what it needs so I really am not worried when I skip Salad  for a day...
This journey has been such a learning experience I have learned so much for example Romaine Lettuce is rich in both Protein and essential fatty acids, giving us those healthy fats our bodies require. and Potatoes are one of the least nutritious vegetables. but having a potato once in a while won't kill us so with Moderation we can give ourselves a break. 
I have a square of Dark chocolate every day I find Lindt smooth and dark gives me that sweet I might want and it is high in antioxidents again using moderation.
For the folks that are single and not cooking for a large family steaming some veggies such as a small summer squash sprinkle a little Molly McButter or Butter Buds on it with some salt and pepper to taste you have something small and easy to prepare.while your at it steam some Broccoli and Carrots for meals ahead. I find homemade soups are easy to prepare and keep in the fridge for those days you don't want to cook but want something quick to heat up.

Balsamic Vinaigrette....

1/2 C Water
1/4 C plus 2 TBL Roasted Garlic rice Vinegar
1 TBL Olive Oil
1/4 C Balsamic Vinegar
1/4 C raisins
4 cloves Garlic, pressed
1 tsp dried Oregano (I use even less as we don't care for Oregano)
1/2 tsp dried Basil
1/2 tsp onion powder

blend all ingredients in food processor or blender until creamy and smooth.

NOTE: believe it or not the raisins make it sweet and you can't even tell they are in there I don't like raisins and I still added them and was pleasantly surprised how they added a sweetness to the dressing.I add a little of this when I make a Veggie Sandwich.

Guaco mo....(Guacomole)

This is like Salsa I have it handy for us at all times we use it for not only dip but we slather it on Burritos or soft Tacos .

4-5 lg Avocado very ripe
1/2 sm onion
1-2 clove Garlic
Lemon juice
Salt and Pepper to taste

peel Avocado and place in food processor or blender add all other ingredients and blend to a smooth consistency ,taste test .

NOTE: Because we no longer eat any oils Avocado and nuts have become our source for Healthy oil .
a few more sources of the Omega-3 fats are: Flaxseed oil (which I use in my daily smoothie) , English Walnuts (about 12 halves), Soy Beans(green, frozen or raw) and Tofu.


We eat Salsa everyday it could be a meal for us along with a big glass of Iced Tea I've been playing with this recipe and so it changes depending on how hot we want it ,here is the version I seem to stick with.....

5-6 Lg Tomatos
1/2 sm Onion
1-2 cloves garlic
1 Jalapeno seeded and vein removed
1 very small Chipolte chili in Adobo sauce (seeds removed)
Salt and Pepper to taste

seed the tomato and place in the food processor or blender add all the other ingredients and blend together taste test and make sure it is to your liking...ENJOY!

NOTE: I buy Chipolte Chili in Adobo sauce I take each one and remove the seeds from them and place them and the sauce in a plastic freezer bag and freeze them and when I want some for my Salsa I just break a piece off and throw it in the food processor with the other ingredients....

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Eating Out...

I have been asked by a few people if we are still able to eat out the answer is yes but we usually eat at home all week and venture out during the weekends as we go out of town almost every weekend...
here are a few places we go and what we usually find there.....

Rubios: they have a couple Veggie Burritos and they will also make Burritos using whole Wheat Tortillas. 
Que Pasa: they also make a Veggie Burrito.
Sizzler or Garden Spot: this is where Doug makes a splurge he uses the Ranch Dressing there I use Balsamic Vinegar.
last weekend we went to San Luis Obispo and tried the Big Sky Cafe': they serve Vegetarian and Vegan, Rachael Ray had visited it so we gave it a try and it was amazing... I had a noodle bowl with Tofu and Doug had the Vegan Black Bean Chilli and it was so good he wants me to try and make it so I am going to give that a try for him... 

I have been hitting the Farmer's Market's around town that way we get fresh Organic Veggies...I am finding it easy to just clean and prepare everything when I get home and have it ready for the week ahead...

Speedy Spinach Lasagne...

This is a Favorite for years with my Family I have now altered it to fit better into our Vegan lifestyle if you want to add Cheese by all means do it Mozzarella and Ricotta were what I used to use in this...and I also used to add 2 eggs to the Spinach mixture...

1 -Pkg Spaghetti Sauce Mix
1- 8oz can Tomato Sauce
1- 6 oz can Tomato Paste
1 3/4 Cup Water
Firm Tofu
1- 10 oz Pkg Frozen Spinach Thawed and Drained
Lasagne noodles (Whole Grain or Plain)

1. Empty Spaghetti Sauce mix into a small sauce pan add Tomato Sauce, Tomato Paste and water heat and stir till blended.remove from heat.

2.Place Spinach in a bowl and crumble Tofu add salt and pepper to taste.

 3.Using a Baking dish put a little sauce in the bottom and then layer it with Noodles ( I used the plain Lasagne Noodles from Trader Joes that are no boiling required)  Spinach mix ,sauce ,noodles, Spinach mix.etc... until it is all gone ending with Sauce.

4. cover with Foil and bake in a 350 degree oven for 30 - 45 Minutes.(bake longer if using Egg and Cheese)

Believe it or not my Son's Friends that are all grown now still ask me to make this for them I delivered this dish to one of his Friends to our Church a few Months ago he was so excited...lol


Black Bean and Corn Salsa with Lime...

I can Black Beans (drained and rinsed)
1 Cup Corn either from the cob can or frozen
1 TBL Cilantro minced use more or less your preference
1 Lime
Salt and Pepper to Taste

place Beans Corn and Cilantro in a bowl squeeze lime juice on the top salt and pepper and stir together...we eat this with Corn Chips or we also put it on our Tacos and Burritos...

My Favorite Hummus...

When we first started eating Vegan all I could think of was Salad and how could I just eat Salad every day for every meal I could not seem to think out side that box so I got up real early one Saturday morning and got my cookbooks out that I have used for 30 years and as I flipped from one to the other I realized I could turn any recipe I have into a Vegan meal...one thing that I have always enjoyed is Hummus I bought the kind though that had a layer of oil floating on the top and since I no longer use any oils at all I got my food Processor out and started playing with the ingredients this is my version of Hummus, again I am Vegan so if you want to use oil please feel free I still love all my Oil eating, Carnivore eating Dairy drinking pals...lol!

I can Garbanzo beans (drained and rinsed)
2-3 cloves of Garlic
1 Jalapeno (seeds and vein removed)
Salt and Pepper to taste
Vegetable Broth (used in place of oil for thinning)

  put all the ingredients into a food processor or blender and blend it up...we use baby carrots and Zuchinni or what ever veggies you prefer to dip into and gobble up...this is something I make often and keep in the fridge it sure curves the hunger.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Breakfast Smoothie...

I have been drinking this little concoction I came up with a few years ago and I just really look forward to it everyday it is filling and delicious...

4 Frozen or Fresh Strawberries
a handful of frozen Mango
2 TBL Flaxseed Oil
a splash of Mango juice
Rice Milk

put all ingred in a blender and blend to your preference of consistency add more Rice Milk if you like it a little more thin.

I also eat Oatmeal on occasion I like to use the Old Fashioned Oats I add Almond Milk and fruit such as Blueberries or Bananas and Walnuts or Pecans...sometimes just plain so I sweeten with Agave' Nectar..

Hi! this is my first blog post...

I am so excited to share with you the many recipes I have created along the way as I have now become a Vegan I am enjoying this journey so much and I hope I can be an encouragement. stay posted for photos and recipes.