Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Breakfast Smoothie...

I have been drinking this little concoction I came up with a few years ago and I just really look forward to it everyday it is filling and delicious...

4 Frozen or Fresh Strawberries
a handful of frozen Mango
2 TBL Flaxseed Oil
a splash of Mango juice
Rice Milk

put all ingred in a blender and blend to your preference of consistency add more Rice Milk if you like it a little more thin.

I also eat Oatmeal on occasion I like to use the Old Fashioned Oats I add Almond Milk and fruit such as Blueberries or Bananas and Walnuts or Pecans...sometimes just plain so I sweeten with Agave' Nectar..


  1. Hey there Kathy, you have lost 16 pounds!!! That is awesome. I am your first follower, that is so funny. I am Farmgirl, my blog is http://fieldofmydreams.blogspot.com/
    Oh, Kim Hollar. I really like it and I hope you have a blast at blogging.

  2. Hi Kim ...I am going to go check your blog out...Thank You for joining..