Saturday, July 19, 2014

Why Oh Why??????.....

Why in the world can I NOT get the hang of crocheting?..I am desperate to get this down pat...Thankfully I have a very patient gal that is teaching me how and let me tell you she has the Patience of Job because I am a handful with this newest all started because I kept seeing cute Granny squares on my pinterest news I got the brilliant idea to drag out all my old crocheting needles and yarn ( yes, there was another time I lost my mind and thought I wanted to learn how) so here I am trying my darndest to just learn this simple thing...ok so as your looking at the picture of those little darlins your probably thinking those aren't too bad for a beginner...well let me tell you those three squares took me 2 and a half weeks to complete...I can make at least a couple table runners in that amount of time...well the thing about me is I am stubborn and I WILL get this..
I am as bad with yarn stashing as I am with Fabric...TeeHee!