Thursday, August 4, 2011

Salad Burn Out....

I have to admit I get tired of Salads and Greens and there are days I just don't eat those things at all . I am learning to listen to my body and when it wants something different I tend to give in and there have been some nights that we just are not hungry so we will snack on carrot sticks and hummus or a few chips and Guaco Mo and Salsa I feed my body nutritionaly well so I think at times I am just not hungry so I just don't eat.
we no longer have any cravings such as sugar or bread salty and sweet it all seems to have disappeared I tend to think with the cravings gone my body is getting what it needs so I really am not worried when I skip Salad  for a day...
This journey has been such a learning experience I have learned so much for example Romaine Lettuce is rich in both Protein and essential fatty acids, giving us those healthy fats our bodies require. and Potatoes are one of the least nutritious vegetables. but having a potato once in a while won't kill us so with Moderation we can give ourselves a break. 
I have a square of Dark chocolate every day I find Lindt smooth and dark gives me that sweet I might want and it is high in antioxidents again using moderation.
For the folks that are single and not cooking for a large family steaming some veggies such as a small summer squash sprinkle a little Molly McButter or Butter Buds on it with some salt and pepper to taste you have something small and easy to prepare.while your at it steam some Broccoli and Carrots for meals ahead. I find homemade soups are easy to prepare and keep in the fridge for those days you don't want to cook but want something quick to heat up.

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