Friday, August 5, 2011

God is looking for experienced help....

My blog is very much about my Vegan Journey but that is not all that I am about I am also a Christian Woman a Wife ,Mother, Daughter, Sister and Nonnie to the most precious Gift God has given to us our sweet GrandGirl...
I read something this morning that really left me thinking how important it is that I be an encourager to someone else because of the circumstances I have been given ,the things that I have suffered have given me an Experience that I can't just keep to myself hidden away.
This morning in my quiet time alone with the Lord I was reading a devotional that really struck home with me the Author pointed out how when we are job hunting and find our selves discouraged because we have no experience in a certain field how that frustration causes us to think well how can I get experience if no one will hire me and teach me?...when we go through trials of suffering or something difficult those are what qualifies us to help someone else even Jesus gained experience through the things he suffered.
I strive to pass forward what I have experienced in suffering for someone else ,I got my "Masters Degree" in heart break, loss, disappointment and shattered dreams I want to encourage someone else who is suffering the same way....I asked daily for God's JOY and when I finally healed to receive it He flooded me with HIS JOY!!!  I hope this reaches who it needs to God Bless You!

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  1. That is a very nice thought Kathy, I think that as we are reminded that we are new Creations in Christ we can rejoice in the wonderful things that He is doing for us and not to us. :)
    I like all of your recipes, thanks for saying that you got your whole foods at Lassan's.