Sunday, September 16, 2012

Ready to Go!

I'm loving pink ,red and aqua blue in my quilting...I finally got all my fabric together and better organized I have several stacks but at least they make sense to me now...I've got a lot of projects stacking up and I really need to get some things done and some things's been so hot here again that I just have had no inspiration to do any sewing...but we are finally heading for a cool off...Fall is in the air but we usually have one last hot spell right before it begins to cool down...with that said I am hoping to get these projects I have going ,My Daughter's baby shower is in less then a month now and I have a lot to get done for that, not only am I hosting it but I have My Grandbaby Boy's Quilt to get finished...but for now I am pulling aside some fabric color combinations that are grabbing my eye I found some pieces I already had and a charm pack that compliments some of the pieces...I hope you all have a very nice week....

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