Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My big fat Greek Salad...

I love this salad and eat it several times a week it's fast, easy, tasty and I always have all the ingredients on hand and if not I substitute...

Red Leaf Lettuce- bite size pieces
Butter Lettuce- bite size pieces
Garbanzo beans
White Corn
Bell Pepper
Avocado- (I eat a whole one everyday)
Kalamata Olives- just a few as these are strong olives
Mediterranean Feta Cheese- crumbled (from Trader Joes)
 salt and pepper to taste
a few sprinkles of olive oil and few bigger sprinkles of Vinegar of your choice I use Red Wine Vinegar but any kind is tasty ....Toss and serve.

any lettuce can be used but the darker the lettuce the better for you. Doug likes Peas and Pineapple on his salad so anything goes...ENJOY!!

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