Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Year...New Quilts...


Nonie's Quilt
This has been a very fun week I've been able to sew a lot I finished piecing 2 quilt tops one is a Table runner the other is a Quilt for Nonie's heard right I have not made a nice quilt for my house and as often as Kaitlyn is over it's a shame to not have a nice warm cozy homemade quilt to wrap up I decided to make one for my house so when the Grandbabies are over they can use it...both designs are the easy 9 patch...and I love the I started piecing a Valentine Chevron design quilt...I am loving pink lately so this was a perfect little charm pack I've had for sometime...pinks reds and white...I will of course post pictures when I'm done with far this New Year I have gotten to be with My sewing machine a LOT!

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