Sunday, January 27, 2013

Smelly Towels....

I have had it with smelly towels that are brand new and smelly dish towels that are fresh from the dryer...I bought new towels to replace the ones I had because the older ones got a sour smell to them I just could not wash out no matter what I used and I used some of the best smelling laundry soap I could find...still after drying off one time they would get sour smelling to me.....soooooo annoying....last week while I was over at  Aunt Ruthie's Sugar Pie Farmhouse web site  Aunt Ruthie had posted how she was having the same problem and she shared the concoction for making up her own Laundry soap (powered) so I made up the list and hit Walmart for all my ingredients I whipped up a big batch last night then I proceded to collect all the dirty towels I could find and get to washing them up and see if this was indeed the solution to my stinky towel problem...I will be trying them out as I just pulled from the dryer some of the sweetest smelling towels ever...the test will be if they stay that way after they get wet one time...along with grated soap I used Kirks Castile soap and Arm and Hammer washing soda, Borax, and Arm and Hammer soda I don't see how they could possibly NOT smell fabulous...and to top it off I found the cutest little heart shaped scoop I think that will make all the difference...ha!

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  1. I read once (not sure where -it was a long time ago), if you rinse your dishrags with cold water after finishing the dishes they won't get smelly in the first place. I always do this, wring them out,and let them dry over a towel rod (inside the cupboard door under the sink) before tossing them in the dirty laundry. Not sure why, but it works.